Mini Mites (3-6 years old)

‘Mini-Mites Karate’ is designed as a dedicated class for children aged between 3-6 years, we understand through years of teaching, coaching and working with professionals on children's development that they need dedicated space and time to develop both physically and mentally to achieve their best results.

We do not believe that children should be mixed with highly graded students and just be taught alongside children that have been training for long periods of time. We do not teach children in classes that mix high grades with beginners.

We also believe that children need attention and our beginner classes are taught with a high instructor to student ratio.

The ‘Mini-mites’ programme is a pre-school curriculum and is aimed at developing character and attitude of all children that participate. Read some of our testimonials to see who is benefiting from the ‘Mini-mites’ programme. The sessions are 30 minutes long and this means that the children are working in their optimal concentration zone while training. Our self-esteem exercises, encourage positive energy, positive role models, self-confidence building and how to focus and be attentive for improved school work.

Your child will learn how to develop confidence about personal security and confidence when separating from you and be made aware that discipline and control is very important to progress in Karate and life.

Alongside all of this is a fun and adventurous journey in the Martial Arts. Ring the head office to enroll or just turn up to a session and receive a free consultation and lesson.

Junior programmes (7-11 years old)

  • Karate
  • Self Development
  • Confidence Building
  • Anti-Bullying-Self-defence

The FSK Junior Karate Programme is not just classes but a system that has been developed to give each student attention and focus to achieve his/her potential.

We are a ‘School’ and not a ‘club’ as we believe that we are here to provide more than just kicking, punching and blocking for our Junior students. Our classes provide the following for each student by the way our instructors teach and educate children aswell as first class Karate tuition.

The important aspect of our classes is that we make sure that the education values that we teach in or our schools

We teach them that learning martial arts comes with responsibility; they are expected to understand that the techniques that they learn must only be used in self-defence situations.

We teach our students to always strive to be better and have courage to develop themselves and persevere with everything that they do.

The 7 to 11 year programme is the key development phase for them to mould their personality and develop key characteristics,

We have a very high retention rate and students stay with us for many years. We are a BLACK BELT SCHOOL which means that we train all students to think that BLACK BELT is achievable. Also, to remember that an FSK BLACK BELT and one that will be recognized across the country and Sensei Paul Simmons has spent many years making FSK a Nationally recognised school of excellence.

Youth karate (11-15 years old)

  • Pre-Adult Programme
  • Self Awareness
  • Self-Defence
  • Fun
  • Enjoyment
  • Life Skills

Our youth programme follows the same concept as Junior Programme but is honed to give each student the realization that this can be an age where learning can be very fast and should not be taken for granted.

The youth Karate programme is more complex and challenging as will give each student the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Whether the student needs to build their confidence or develop more self-control the programme has been developed for all personal development areas.

Adult karate (16+)

  • All Ages and Abilities
  • All fitness levels
  • Good Karate in a friendly atmosphere

Our Adults Karate Programme is an enjoyable way to learn a martial art and every session will be different from the next. We encourage a range of ages and abilities. If you want to try something new and want to get fitter, lose weight and train in something at your own pace then come along or contact our enrolment office on.

  • Exceptional quality and professional instruction in Karate –
  • We teach to help and encourage self-confidence and self-awareness-
  • Teaching in the area for over 10 years-

It really is for all ages and abilities. Our classes involve helping adults with restricted movement, poor fitness, feeling overweight and even depression. Karate with FSK may just be what you are looking for!