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ALL FSK Students and Parents

UPDATE - Important (Wednesday 24th Match 2021)

UK Coronavirus update Monday April 12th 2021 - Face to Face start again!!!

FSK Face to Face Classes resume 12.04.2021

Classes at all clubs resume. Please see FSK Facebook Page for update or email or phone Sensei Paul Simmons for letter with all details.

FSK@fsk.karate.kickboxing (All Updates)

Zoom Classes continue alongside face to face classes for Karate and Kickboxing


FSK and Sensei Paul Simmons have competed Covid Safe Training and Qualified - June 2020

Live FSK Karate & Kickboxing Classes for

All students (monthly fee applies)

Email or text Sensei Paul Simmons for more details or visit our Facebook page below: see below for page details.

Timetable of FSK Live Classes can be seen at our Facebook Page:


So classes continues for all students;

Mini-mite, Junior, Youth and Adult

See you at the online classes


FSK YouTube Channel is now live! Over 110 videos for Karate and Kickboxing.

Please go to the channel for video content for your self practice.

FSK Live Karate and Kickboxing Lessons starting for all students.

These will be for all FSK Students as additional training. Please go to our Facebook page for more information.

Please refer to FSK Facebook page (FSK@fsk.karate.kickboxing)


To all FSK students and Parents

We have just heard that all Leisure Centres have to shut tonight. After finishing our extended lessons at Heathfield Leisure Centre.

This is a great shame. We now cannot run any classes at any of our venues.

We are going to try and put videos online on a particular channel. This will be as an Association and club. We will let you know through this Facebook page or club website.

So you can use them to train while classes are not running.

We will try and include different parts for Karate and Kickboxing.

We will have more news on this next week.

For all students please keep your monthly payments going as you will be able to make up all lessons etc when the venues reopen, which they will.

We will also put on a free course etc for all students that stay with me and FSK in this difficult period.

Please pass this onto any FSK students and parents.

Thank you to all the warm words from parents this week. It’s is much appreciated by myself and all FSK instructors.

Please keep coming back to page to see updates.

We wish you all the best in this difficult period!

Thank you

Kind regards

Sensei Paul Simmons

——— Any classes missed can be made up when venues reopen by doubling up classes or attending any other venues Monday to Saturday throughout the year.————————————————————

Please refer to FSK Facebook page (FSK@fsk.karate.kickboxing) or this website for any further information updates at regular points. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


FSK (Frontier Schools of Karate and Kickboxing) has been established across Sussex with a chain of clubs. We teach not only Karate but also a programme of character development. We aim to use martial arts training to enhance confidence, discipline to help control behaviour, mental control over the body and also allow for enjoyment in a pastime.

We train in Wado-ryu Karate and have a strong reputation in outstanding competition Karate, traditional Karate and applied Karate that is progressive and varied in its training.We take a modern approach to training and base our teaching in the main areas of Traditional Karate, Recreational Karate, Sport Karate, Kickboxing, and Self-defence.

One of the important distinctions in the FSK Karate and Kickboxing School’s is that we are a Black Belt School which means we take students on the basis that we want them to achieve a Black Belt and all the benefits that the journey will bring them. To achieve the most bring the journey to Black Belt and beyond it is important to commit to training and thus receive benefits from this.

Recognised and affiliated to; Frontier Karate Federation, English Karate Federation, World Karate Federation (IOC), British and International Martial Arts Federation, & the International Sport Kickboxing Association.

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