FSK provide expert tuition in Karate (Wado-ryu), Sport Karate and Kickboxing.

We have been teaching classes to all ages since 1994 and to all levels. We teach for the individual that just wants to become fit, gain a Black belt or compete.

We have some of the top coaches in the country under our umbrella association, Frontier Karate Association in both Kata and Kumite.

See www.frontierkarateassociation.co.uk

All classes are different and cover all aspects of your chosen art.


Kihon, Kata, Kumite, Weapons and Self-defence.

Sport Karate

A chance to be part of Team FSK, all aspects competitive Karate and be part of the only IOC recognised World Body for karate, WKF competition structure.


All aspects of the combat sport. Including K1 kickboxing.