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Team FSK Events- Where are they competing and training now?


January - Wasquel International Senior Karate Open - France

February - England ISKA Kickboxing Team Fight - offs - Birmingham

February - England Karate A Squad Training - Luton

March - Watford Kickboxing Fights - ISKA Sanction event

March - BUSA British University Karate Championships - Sheffield

April - English Karate Federation National Championships - Sheffield

April  - English ISKA Am Kickboxing Championships - Birmigham

October - British Championships


Summer Academy 2014 for FSK all all Karateka

The 2014 summer school and academy saw a mix of students including our new 1st dans taking part and completing the three days. We saw me students that had never attended and many regular Students.

The three days concluded with a demonstration that took us inside and outside with a great space provided by Heathfield Community College.

We had five instructors which meant all students got alot of tuition and to train with a variety of sensei's

These were Sensei Jessica Evans, David Thomas, Daniel Farr and senior and chief instructor Sensei James Thomas and Sensei Paul Simmons

Well done to you all!



JULY 2014

A great championships with nearly 50 Karateka

taking part. We saw Light contact Kickboxing for under

16’s with students travelling from Kent, London and

Sussex clubs.


There were two areas running throughout the morning

With Sensei Paul, Sensei Zof, Sensei greg, Sensei David

Senpei Daniel running the areas.


We saw Kata, Kumite and Weapons on Area 1 and

A very close race for the FSK Grand Karate Champion.


In the end the championship was shared. The Novice

And Intermediate title was won by Oscar Sells of

Uckfield and Crowborough’s Eli Hardwick won the

Advanced and Dan grade title AGAIN! Well done to

them both and to Eli who is the reigning Champion

and holds the title for another year!


The next championship is 2015 so make sure you

Don’t miss out!



Frontier Karate Association Karate DAN gradings - May 2014 Heathfield

A Big well done to Jonjo Murphy, Bayden Germain and Abigail Smith from FSK Battle and Harry Mousley from FSK Heathfield who all passed their Black Belt 1st Dan after 1 hour 30 minute full out grade on Friday night of the 24th May 2014. Sensei Paul Simmons 5th Dan and Sensei James Thomas 2nd Dan were very pleased with the grade and thought all students performed with great technical ability and spirit. Well done!


1st BIMAF National Championships 2014


Sensei Paul Simmons FSK Chief Instructor is Graded to 5th Dan by Sensei Chris Thompson 8th Dan

Sensei Paul Simmons Chairman of FKA and British international Martial Arts Federation is graded to 5th Dan by Chris Thompson 8th Dan (World Karate Federation) and Chairman of the English Karate Federation Techanical Commitee. 

Is it a great honour as Sensei Chris Thompson is the author and publisher of best selling books and DVDs on the fundamentals of Wado-ryu and the original chairman of the EKGB Technical Commitee.


2013 FSK Karate Training and Competitions

January - Dean Sports Centre, Lincoln, Yorkshire - National Regional Karate Team Champs

Febraury - Southern England Regional Training - Tolworth Surrey

March - Mepham Open, Kent

March - FKA National Training - Battle, Sussex 

April - International Match - Norway, England, Scotland, Ireland - Burnsley, Yorkshire 

April - The English Karate Championships, Ponds Forge, Sheffiled 20th/ 21st April

june - European Regional Karate Championships, Montenegro  

September -  Japan Festival, Brighton Conference Centre, English Karate Federation Regional

Individuals Championships

October - World ISKA AM Kicboxing Championships - SHOWTIME Promotions -

October - World Karate Federation K1 Grand Finale - Salzburg, Austria


2013 FSK Karate Training and Competitions


March - ISKA English Kickboxing Championships 

February - Regional Training and National Trials 

April - English Karate Championships -Sheffield

July - National Trials- Milton Keynes

August - closed England Squad Karate Training - Luton

September- Karate Premier League K1 - German Open - Frankfurt

September - UK ISKA Kickboxing Team Training - Birmingham

September - British ISKA Championships - Stockton 

October - British Karate Federation British Karate Open, Glasgow, Scotland

November - Iska Amateur World Kickboxing Championships, valkenberg, 


FSK Summer Karate and Kickboxing Championships , Sunday 8th July 2012

Last Sunday saw fsk students fighting for titles in Kata, Kumite, weapons, Team and Kickboxing.

The competitors saw the overall Fsk Grand Champion and 'Donna Taylor Trophy' awarded to Heathfield's Bonita sumner-Yeats.

Well done to all competitors. 

FSK sees 4 new 1st Dan Black Belts - May 2012

May 2012 saw Freya Harrison, Jordan Boyle, Tony Flint and Harry Gilbanks achieve their black belts. 




Sensei Paul Simmons who is the Southern Regional Karate Coach for the English Karate Federation assisted the World U21 Karate Championship Selections alongside 2x World Champions Sensei Willie Thomas and World Champion Paul Newby and Ex-International Alex Hart.  There were five hours of fight off's and a two hour training session under the new National Coach Willie Thomas.

Selections took place in Barnsley, Yorkshire




David Thomas who trains at Heathfield Leisure Centre went for selections  for the one indvidual place for the heavyweight U18 missed out on a place.



June and July saw Junior Black belt grades for FSK students at Heathfield Leisure Centre.
After a Gruelling grade of over an hour and a half Callum Beale, Jacob Flaherty, Hazel Flaherty, Jessica Evans, Beth Newson, Alexandra Williams and Thomas Munro. 

MASTER TATSUO SUZUKI DIES 12th July 2011 - Age 83 years

The Karate World has woken up to the loss of our sensei Professor Tatsuo Suzuki. FSK and Sensei Paul would like to send their condolences to his family.


July - Barnsley, Yorkshire - EKF World Selections for England Team

September - EKF National 'A' Squad U21 Training - Colchester, Essex

September - Nottingham - ISKA Team England Training

September - Kent - ICO and Ringmasters Event

October - Birmingham - ISKA Team England Training

October - W. Abbey, Essex -  EKF Southern Regional Training

October - ICO World Champs Kickboxing - Frankfurt, Germany





Last weekend saw the Frontier School of Karate and Kickboxing’s 2011 Winter Championships held at Heathfield Leisure Centre, Heathfield. This interclub event is open to all FSK students and is held twice a year.  The championships give students a chance to compete which could then lead to them competing at a Regional, National or International level.

With three areas running students competed in Kata (Forms) and Kumite (Sparring) in Karate and bouts for kickboxing. Students from all over Sussex, Surrey and Kent attended.

13 year old, Lloyd Pellatt, a student at Battle Abbey School who lives in Robertsbridge won the FSK Grand Champion - ‘Donna Taylor Trophy’ for accumulation of most points over two events in both Kata and Kumite. Winning this trophy is very significant to FSK as it is named after a former student, Donna Taylor who was tragically killed in a car accident four years ago. Lloyd Pellatt follows Sophie Barber who was FSK Grand Champion last year.

Great displays of martial arts were seen throughout the competition, with Maxine Barker winning the girls Advanced Kumite karate section. Greg McAgnus of Heathfield and Andrei Keyte of Eastbourne drew their two round bout in the advanced grade kickboxing contest.

Paul Simmons, Chief Instructor of FSK said ‘ the competitors showed great competitive spirit with students of all ages taking part. It is excellent to see new talent who may go on and compete Nationally or Internationally in the future.’


FSK Black Belts to Iian Abernethy Course - Practical application for karate - October 17th 2010 - Swindon


Spirit of Skeet Course - September 19th - Orpington, Kent

Sensei Paul Simmons Chief Instructor teaches Jujitsu students in Kent. A great day with students from British Jujitsu - Pictures to follow

Applying Karate and combat techniques for fighting and self-defence. The use of mat work and Jujitsu techniques which are used in Karate for effective stand up training.



Sensei Paul Simmons is teaching on the British Jujitsu Autumn Course - September 2010





FSK to Chuck liddell Training Seminar - July 2010

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